Ken Taylor - The Place of Numbers


20th January - 17th March 2019

For his sixth collection of yearly postcard booklets and photographic prints, Ken’s attention has been drawn to numbers presented as diptychs. The Place of Numbers; Photographic Conversations will be showing in our new 4 x m2 Gallery Pavilion on the driveway and in the studio at the opening.

“Over the years handmade or quirky looking numbers have become a point of focus, as a contrast to the slick graphics that bombard our public realm. That there is evidence of a grassroots need to structure by numbers is reassuring, giving us a springboard for improvisations. This is especially the case in our world of algorithms and bots, which increasingly control our environment and democracy. Consequently there is an escalating sense of lostness, geographically and spiritually, when a digital device is not to hand.”

Also showing in the original m2 Gallery will be re-edited prints and a postcard publication of his 2018 series of portraits of men entitled How Do You Do’s; Photographic Conversations. These were first shown at m2(at)15, our 15 year celebratory show in Deptford last year. However, presenting both series together, contrasting people with numbers in a diptych format, seems like an interesting further conversation.