The m² Gallery is run by a non-profit organisation made up of supporters. It is administered and curated by a gallery committee. As a general policy, the organisation prefers to exhibit work made specifically for this unique space.

The Gallery Project

The m2 Gallery in Peckham has been run and curated by artist/curator/architect Ken Taylor and artist/curator Julia Manheim since 2003 as a one metre square window, half a metre deep, showing art to the street 24 hours a day. It has always been a not- for-profit endeavour, showing more than 100 artists, over the years, in 6 – 8 week time slots.

The Gallery was designed into Quay House, 2c Kings Grove when it was built. A new porch was required for entry into the three flats that also contained a small meter room for the gas, water and electric meters etc. Instead of having a blank wall to the street, the gallery window was introduced, with work being put in from the meter room behind.