The 4 x m2 Gallery Pavilion is designed as a collaborative arts project. It seeks out any partners who have a desire to share artistic endevour in a free and public spirited manner.

potential partners

The 4 x m2 Gallery Pavilion is a ready-made, secure, weatherproof structure, ready to be taken forward to a wide range of potential partners: arts organisations; not for profit social enterprises; regeneration projects; corporate developments; private individuals, around public buildings such as schools, colleges, hospitals……..wherever. We can also see specific possibilities for a series of pavilions to animate ‘city of culture’ initiatives.

Once constructed, and installed, the Pavilion offers extensive opportunities for exhibiting artwork 24 hours a day, opening up the experience of viewing multi-disciplinary artworks to a diverse public audience. The 4 x m2 Gallery Pavilion can be a ‘meantime’ or ‘forever’ exhibition space, an occasional information or promotional hub, or a permanent functional addition to an existing building. Its usability and changeability offers manifold permutations to show art, embedded in the fact that the structure needs local organisations to instigate, curate and organise at least 6 shows a year. Opportunities for collaboration across creative disciplines and the built environment abound

Commissioning Process

The essence of the commissioning process is to establish a healthy creative dialogue with all prospective pavilion partners. This can hopefully maximise the positive outcomes for all in imaginatively selecting sites and getting the practicalities to work advantageously. From a curatorial perspective, the conversation can continue in the selecting of artists to ‘skin’ and install the first show, the ongoing gallery programming and finding good ways to procure and fund the 4 x m2 Gallery Pavilion structure.

We have worked with Emrys Architects and their 3d CAD software packages to convert the plans used for the prototype in Peckham into a full set of easily understandable, accurately dimensioned drawings and specifications for construction. 

Each proposed location and partner will offer different contexts and logistics to improvise on. Working with Engineers Structure Workshop the 4 x m2 Gallery Pavilion team have worked through a variety of different ground conditions that the structure can adapt to without losing its essential form and concept. This means that a wide variety of siting’s can be considered.

Equally the 4 x m2 Gallery team have a lot of experience in working with regulatory bodies eg. Planning, Building Regulations, Health and Safety Executive, Insurances etc, to help partners have a streamlined commissioning process.