Impostors - Paula García Stone

“I have called this exhibition 'Impostors’ because each duratrans  contains a photographed object that is not what it appears to be within the context of the image. The work titled ‘Impostor’ contains an image of a sugar crystal magnified 697 times posing as an insulin crystal, at least in my mind.

We are in an age when our view of ‘the figure’ in art is being expanded and reshaped by science and technology.  My Lightbox images[...] composed using medical photography, X-rays, ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Micrograph) images and macro photographs, [...] are a view into the unseen inner structure of the visceral body, metaphorically aligned with organic forms. They could be the body in the landscape. I think of them as (objective) self-portraits, especially as all of my work involves the human self, which is also present in its absence. In [the] very particular setting [of the m2 Gallery] they become portals to enter into with the imagination."