Neville Gabie - Experiments in Black & White

Experiments in Black and White

We are launching the new 4 x m2 Gallery pavilion with an exhibition and performance event by Neville Gabie.  Neville will be showing work both in the m2 Gallery and the new pavilion.

This event is part of the Peckham Festival.

Since his Leverhulme funded residency with the Cabot Institute at Bristol University in 2012, Neville Gabie has continued to develop a body of work entitled Experiments in Black and White.

The reference is intended to reflect on the scientific approach to research, which seeks absolute clarity and concrete answers through processes, which are often speculative.  Gabie’s ‘Experiments’ on the other hand have at their outset the task of a single straightforward action, but one, which inevitably results in the unexpected.

For the M2 Gallery Neville will create a new performance work using a large block of chalk. This will inform a series of film-based works to be exhibited in the new m2 pavilion.