Teresa Albor & Laís Pontes

The things we leave behind

20th November 2016 - 15th January 2017

The things we leave behind is a project using objects left behind on the Greek island of Lesvos and in Serbian camps by those seeking a better life. 

The objects in this installation and in the window have been used to start a conversation.  They have been shared with young people in schools in the UK and Kabul who have responded by writing or making art. They have been adopted by people settled in Europe from different backgrounds, who have kept an object for a while, then reflected on the experience of taking over ownership of something left behind. The catalogue, images, video and other materials in this installation have been produced as part of this on-going process.

Many of the objects were contributed by the Dirty Girls of Lesvos Island, who collect, clean and redistribute clothes and blankets to those in need on Lesvos Island.  Proceeds from this project are donated to the Dirty Girls of Lesvos Island. 

Teresa Albor and Laís Pontes

November 2016