Nicky Hirst

‘Briar Rose’

21st January - 25th February 2018

A long time ago, and yet perhaps it wasn't such a very long time ago. I daresay you have heard of . . . I do not mean, I do not really mean that this story is true . . . It happened, it did not happen, it perhaps could have happened. Just tell it, straight up, let the listener decide what's at the heart of it. Once upon a time there was a building . . . 

m2 Gallery is part of Quay House - a home, a gallery and a place of work, ‘between places where people, ideas and materials meet’. 

This gallery is a window - not for looking out of but for looking in to. It is a simple and complicated space, like a screen. There is glass between us, a membrane, inside/outside, here and there, private and public. The viewer is in the street. We are reflected.

Kings Grove is near Queens Road Peckham. We need a Princess.

After studying Fine Art followed by Art and Architecture, Nicky Hirst has pursued a parallel practice showing in galleries and working collaboratively on diverse projects within the public realm.