Ken Taylor

Reflections; photographic conversations.

17th September - 14th November 2016

This wallet of 14 postcards marks the last collection of photographs in a trilogy of shows Ken Taylor has made for the m2 Gallery in Peckham, London. The exhibition develops themes from “Veils and Repetitions” 2014 and “Wrap Duets” 2015 to present a new collection that again looks at the idea of dualities. Inherent in “Reflections”, the title and theme of the show, is the notion of the mirror. Within each photograph another elusive world beyond the frame of the picture is revealed and refracted, whether it be the surrounding environment, the sky, the photographer himself or indeed the casting of a shadow. The mediator and arbiter between these two worlds is inevitably the light, bringing the conversation into being.

The photographs were all taken in 2015 as part of the on-going journey of capturing the world with an ordinary digital pocket camera, “practically” rather than “technically”. Rather than arriving from some preordained intention, “Reflections” became the muse of the exhibition from reflecting retrospectively on where the eye had led the camera at the year’s end.

The location of each of the photographs is marked by the place where they were taken in each of their titles. Seven conversations are then introduced, marrying each image with one other. The pairings have come about from an instinctive dialogue based on geographic, thematic, or visual relationships. The seven conversations have been brought together in the 800x600mm prints to be shown weekly in the m2 gallery over the seven weeks of the show. In the postcard set the viewer is invited to have their own playful conversations with the images, or indeed to add some words and send them to the wider world.

For the opening, coinciding with London Open House, when Quay House, the building that houses the m2 gallery will be open, a new short film by Ken Taylor “Fragile Reflections; Palma 2015” will also be shown. 

Ken Taylor is 5 minutes younger than his twin sister and is an Architect who takes a lot of photographs.