Alison Carlier


Show runs: 17th January - 5th March 2016

“My work hinges upon how language is processed and understood. I use speech and drawing to explore words, often working through what I don’t fully understand, and so exploring alternatives to intellectual understanding.

In my practice, I’m often attracted to words that describe objects and materials, and their associated specific languages.

For Pitch I wanted to make a series of drawings specific to the site of the m2 gallery.

I honed in on the slightly sloping floor of the quay 2c building (a milk depot in a former life), which is made of coal tar pitch with metal grating over the top.

Thinking about it, the multiple meanings of the word ‘pitch’ intrigued me most.

Pitch will have three incarnations between January 17th and 6th March 2016. The first evokes the site where one might ‘pitch up’ for the night, the second describes ‘perfect pitch’ and the third combines the complex language of the chemistry of coal tar pitch with the pitch of a roof.”

Alison Carlier completed her MA Drawing at Wimbledon (2013) and BA Fine Art (2002) at UCA. She won the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2014.